Restore Digestive Balance

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Key Benefits:
Provides a powerful probiotic and prebiotic food
Supports healthy digestive and immune systems*
Helps protect the digestive tract from harmful yeast and bacteria*

What is it?
ProBalance is an organic food product that has been cultured with a super strain of probiotics. Organic foods are fed potent probiotics which break down the foods releasing the minerals, vitamins and amino acids so that they are more easily absorbed.

What is it formulated to do?
ProBalance was formulated to provide targeted support for the digestive and immune systems through the supplementation of a range of 12 different strains of probiotics.*

Who may benefit?
Virtually everyone can benefit from replenishing their digestive tracts with beneficial microorganisms. Those with digestive challenges and those who have taken antibiotics may notice particular benefit.

How is it used?
It is recommended to begin with 1/8 teaspoon of powder per day and gradually increase as desired. It contains shelf-stable organisms and does not need to be refrigerated.