Triple FX Citrus Stick-Packs (14/Case)

Energy, Focus and Endurance

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Key Benefits:
Boosts energy levels*
Helps increase focus*
Enhances endurance*
Now with vitamin D and Ginseng!

What is it?
Triple FX is a convenient citrus-flavored energy drink. It is conveniently packaged in both individual pouches for transporting the powder anywhere, and in shots for immediate energy on the go.

What is it formulated to do?
Triple FX is designed to go beyond the ordinary energy drink. This cutting-edge formula gives long-lasting energy and stamina and also enhances the ability to focus and concentrate. It does all of this without making you feel nervous or jittery like coffee and other types of energy drinks.*

Who may benefit?
Triple FX can benefit anyone who wants more energy, focus and endurance. More energy for a busy day at the office. More energy for a workout. More energy anytime, anywhere.*

How is it used?
Triple FX can go anywhere. Add the contents of a Triple FX stick-pack to 12-16 ounces of water and mix, or pour Triple FX into a water bottle and shake!